1. Do you accept reservations?

While we consider ourselves primarily a first-come first-served restaurant, we realize that sometimes you are on a tight schedule and need to be able to count on dinner at a specific time. Therefore, we set aside about one-third of our tables for reservations. We accept reservations up to three months in advance. Just call 610-837-1544 to request your date and time. If you call after business hours please leave a message and we will return your call to confirm.

2. How far in advance should I call for a reservation?

We suggest 3-5 days for a prime time (Fri/Sat 6:00-8:00). On all other days we are usually able to accommodate requests for a table that same day. We generally allow 1 ½ hours between reservations for parties of up to 6, and 2 hours for parties of more than 6. Please let us know ahead of time if you would like more time and we will gladly accommodate your request.

3. I don’t have a reservation. Can I still dine at the Point Phillips Hotel?

Absolutely! Most of our customers are walk-ins. Tables are offered on a first-come first-served basis.

4. Do you offer “Call Ahead Seating”

Yes. In order to minimize your wait at the restaurant you can call ahead to let us know how many are coming. If there is a wait for tables at that time we will add you to the list and give you an estimated time of when your table will be available. Please remember that this is not a reservation but a best guess of when your table will be ready. We request that you arrive before your estimated time in case your table opens up earlier than anticipated. Please be advised that failing to arrive by your estimated time may be considered a “no show” and may result in your party being moved to the end of the wait list.

5. Can I come in before the rest of my party to “hold” a table?

In order to provide the best possible service to all of our guests, during periods when there is a waiting list for tables we cannot seat a party until everyone is present. This applies to reservations as well as walk-ins. Once all of the party is present, you will receive the next available table that can accommodate your party.

6. I have a party of 30 people. Can I make a reservation on Friday or Saturday?

Generally speaking, there is a limit of 24 people for a reservation on a Friday or Saturday evening. These larger parties can be seated before 5:30 or after 7:30. We can usually accommodate requests for parties larger than 24 earlier on a Friday or Saturday or any other day of the week. We will even open on a Monday evening if necessary to host your large event!

7. Can I call to place a “carry out/to-go” order?

Yes…usually. Please be advised that, because of how busy our kitchen is during peak times, we are not able to accept “to-go” orders Fridays after 5 PM or Saturdays after 4 PM. We are generally able to accept to-go orders any other day/time that the kitchen is open.