back to life

Read the story of how we brought the Point Phillips Hotel back to its former glory.

the old

bar room

Built as part of the circa 1857 addition to the building when the tavern was first established.

150 years of serving thirsty patrons took its toll particularly hard in this room. The original wide plank floor appears to have been replaced around 1900. On top of the “new” floor were three more layers added throughout the 20th century. Workers doing a floor installation during the WWII era used sheets of newspaper in between layers as flooring paper. One of the sheets contained an early editorial cartoon featuring Adolph Hitler. The bar we found under the panelling appears to have been built in the 1950’s using plywood from that era. The oak bar rail was salvaged for later use. The old Bar Room will become a second dining room with seating for 24 and will be available for private parties.

the main

dining room

What has been known to recent patrons of the Point Phillips Hotel as the main Dining Room is actually housed in what was the original building on the site. Analysis of tree-ring data taken from the summer beam indicates that this portion of the Hotel may have been built by 1806. A wall once split this area into two spaces, likely a store with shopkeepers quarters immediately next door. A steep staircase long since removed was located in the corner next to the door into the dining room. Part of the ceiling featured exposed ceiling joists and wide-plank floorboards above. This feature will be present again after the restoration. A wood burning fireplace was once located in the shopkeepers home. We are rebuilding the fireplace in its original location using brick reclaimed from the old chimney.


general store

Built in 1880, the Victorian style General Store vastly increased selling space for then-owner, Stephen Trach. The south wall of the General Store suffered significant damage from decades of water and soil runoff coming down Point Phillips Road. An all wood structure, its walls consist of two solid plank walls which were nailed perpendicularly to each other. This created a solid wood wall three inches thick running its entire length. The General Store will find new life as the Hotel’s Tavern area and will feature a vintage Eastlake style 17′ long bar with mirrored, canopied back bar. This bar was built c. 1880 in Pennsylvania and was reclaimed from an old Pottsville saloon.